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FINANCES. What We Believe

The Fivefold Calling and Ministry Course

bigText Book for Course: Called to the Ministry by: Colette Toach
Course Author: Deborah-Anne Toach
Duration: 13 Weeks

How Much Longer Before You Fulfill Your Call?

Confirm your call - walk it out! That is the core of what this course will do for you. Not only will it identify and confirm your calling for you, but it will arm you with the knowledge to identify the calling of others as well. Fitting hand in hand with the Ministers Handbook course, these lessons will impart the anointing you need to start walking out your call.

Never be in doubt again as to what God has called you to do. Get a clear road-map of your journey as well as your goal.

  • Did you know that all ministry begins from the time someone is born again?
  • Before you enter the Fivefold Ministry, the Lord will use you in Body Ministries - identify your progress
  • Clearly identify the calling for others
  • Follow clear instructions on how to know God's will and feel His presence on a daily basis
  • Never feel lost or in doubt again regarding the call the Lord has put on your life!

Be warned - although this is a good course to identify what an apostle is, only those with a true apostolic call will have the ability to grasp the principles and apply them.

Ministry and Calling Course Lessons:
Ministry and Calling Lesson 1: Discovering Your Calling
When it started and where you go from here
Ministry and Calling Lesson 2: Time to Learn
God has been preparing you - discover how far along you are
Ministry and Calling Lesson 3: Knowing God's Will
How God reveals His will to man
Ministry and Calling Lesson 4: God's Will for Your Life
Know without a doubt what God's will is for your life on a daily basis
Ministry and Calling Lesson 5: Experiencing God's Presence
There is a simple way to feel the presence of God every day
Ministry and Calling Lesson 6: Spiritual Exercise
Increase your capacity for the anointing
Ministry and Calling Lesson 7: Knowing Your Place
The Seven Body Ministries
Ministry and Calling Lesson 8: Signs of the Body Ministries
Clear signs to help you identify the ministry call of others
Ministry and Calling Lesson 9: From Body Ministries to the Fivefold Ministry
Identify and walk out your progression from Body to Fivefold Ministry
Ministry and Calling Lesson 10: The Fivefold Ministry
Becoming all Things to all Men
Ministry and Calling Lesson 11: Evangelistic, Pastoral and Teacher Training
What it looks like and how to identify progress
Ministry and Calling Lesson 12: Prophetic and Apostolic Training
Clear signs to identify on your progress and how much further you need to go before reaching office
Ministry and Calling Lesson 13: Getting Your Ministry Started
Now that you know your call -n where to go from here

Responses Posted For This Page

Response from Rosie mcPhee : I would like to start this course right away because I know The Lord ha been calling me for a while now.

Response from henry : Yes i am in the fivefold now i want to know where God is trying to take me.

Response from Daniel kotey : Want to know how to start this course

Response from Shirley Rodgers : I want to study the word and for fill my calling

Response from Pastor Michele Kaster : Dear Shirley,

Thank you for writing in to us. The Word of God is always a good place to start studying. Do you know what God has called you to do or where your place is in the Body of Christ so you can get going with fulfilling your calling?

If you aren't sure I highly recommend you take a first step by completing the AMI Fivefold Ministry Evaluation at Ask for a detailed evaluation and an AMI Minister will get write back to you after they have taken your evaluation before the Lord, okay?

In His Love,

Pastor Michele Kaster
AMI SA Ministry Team Member

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